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Guitar /Ukulele/ Songwriting

I have been playing guitar for 45 years and teaching full time for 26 years. I have built a private tutoring business in two states in the U.S. ( Iowa and Florida) and Cheltenham, England before relocating to the U.S. in July 2021.

While a student needs to develop a solid foundation to make progress they can do that while using the music they love as source material. All of the techniques we use as players can be found within those songs as well. I find it creates a positive and fun atmosphere for learning and provides great enjoyment. Each person wants something different so rather than make everyone follow a book of endless lessons I tailor the program to fit the needs and desires of the student. 

I have also released 6 cds of original music, toured the U.S. and won some songwriting competitions so I also serve as a mentor for other songwriters. 

 I am happy to announce I have rejoined the teaching staff at Uncle Ike's Music & Sound located in Dubuque, Iowa. My roster is nearly full but several spots are still available so if you live in the Dubuque area and are interested in lessons please contact Uncle Ike's Music & Sound (563) 556-6052 and they can provide the details for signup.  I am also offering guitar and ukulele lessons in Manchester, Iowa so please send an email to or phone (563) 608-5625 to discuss pricing and availability.

Thank You,


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